Over the years, Anchor Heritage has been at the forefront in empowering and equipping inmates with knowledge and skills prior to their release into society.

Some of these skills are painting, which has reached out to 19 correctional centres, Baking, which is a first of its kind initiative recently commissioned in Agodi Custodial Center,
Tech skills, which is another first of its kind initiative which birthed the ICT HUB commissioned in Kirikiri Medium Custodial Centre earlier this year.

We also enrol students interested in taking WAEC as part of our interest in education and finally, we have an ongoing 100-day chess coaching initiative at the Borstal Institution, Abeokuta, aimed at engaging the minds of our youngsters and to dissuade recidivism.

THREE key reasons why at Anchor Heritage we feel inmates should be empowered and equipped before their release:

1) REHABILITATION: The primary goal of correctional centers is not just to punish offenders but to rehabilitate, reform, and re-integrate them so they can become productive members of society.

2) IMPROVED COMMUNITY SAFETY: A crucial aspect of empowering inmates before their release is addressing the underlying issues that may have contributed to their criminal behaviour.

3) RESTORATIVE JUSTICE : Empowering inmates also aligns with the principles of restorative justice, which focuses on accountability, repairing harm, and rebuilding relationships. By providing inmates with opportunities to participate in programs that promote empathy, conflict resolution, and personal responsibility, we are helping them understand the consequences of their actions and fostering a sense of accountability. This approach not only benefits the individual but also contributes to a more harmonious and inclusive society.

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