We visit the prisons (correctional centers) and provide a platform for inmates to lend their voices. This is done by partnering with legal aid organizations, lawyers, law firms and volunteers. Our approach is to highlight pending cases that fall within the category of ourlegal aid pre-requisites, background checks are done to establish family involvement/ties and finally, case files are reviewed and then we allocate to our lawyers for representation. Our goal is to work with lawyers across the thirty-six states of the country under the direct supervision of AHI. These lawyers will help through the interview process, mediation or dispute resolutions (where applicable), and court proceedings. Released inmates will have the option of participating in our rehabilitation program, which will help them fit back into society. Our long-term vision is to build rehabilitation homes with a focus on helping them acquire vocational skills. Anchor Heritage is committed to this cause, and we look forward to an improvement in social justice in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Giving Anchor to the captives without a voice by enhancing justice and a beautiful heritage in God.

Our Vision

To see every individual, have equal and un-restricted access to justice.

Our Values

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