“He lost his wife and the mistake I made was to leave my business in Ibadan to pay him a visit in Lagos.
5 years later and I am still sharing this story.”

How do you explain the pain of a man who spends 5 years in incarceration because he paid his bereaved friend a visit?

Or the pain of a man who sits lost in thoughts within the prison walls, wondering how he wound up within its confines. From the streets of Ikeja to incarceration just for giving his phone to a repairer. How does he explain the fact that his line was used in making calls to demand a ransom?

We also met a young man who spent 7years in incarceration because there was no resource for legal representation. These and many more are the stories of some inmates in the correctional centers hence the reason why we believe “not all inmates are criminals”. Unfortunately, this is a relatively ignored sector where people rationalize their thoughts and feel everyone there deserves what they got. On the contrary, some are victims of circumstances, mistakes, inexperience, mistrust, or just being at the wrong place, time, or with the wrong company on many occasions.

At Anchor Heritage, we are expanding our capacity by reaching out for resources that will allow us to do more and impact the lives of many more inmates through our various initiatives (Legal aid, Empowerment programs, and an After-care initiative).

We hope this initiative will inspire lots of people to give, collaborate and promote service to humanity. Our success solely depends on your assistance to give to this initiative. Every contribution, irrespective of the amount, will help give hope to inmates in Nigeria through our various initiatives.

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