At the age of 20, SD was still a secondary school student but he had already been exposed to so many questionable activities and it seemed like FIGHTING AND SMOKING were top on the list of his hobbies.

He was on his way back from school when he saw some boys fighting and just like most will do “real life action movie, wow I mustn’t miss this” he was curious to know what was happening. Not surprisingly, he meddled into the fight and practically took over the fight.
The police were alerted and they immediately raided the scene of the fight. Unfortunately, one of the boys involved in the fight had already been stabbed in the whole feud and struggle for life.
SD was arrested and charged to court where he spent seven years before he was released by the judge. He actually became a changed and corrected person while in prison and although he didn’t benefit from our legal aid because of his inability to meet all our conditions, he was lucky to qualify and be enrolled in our aftercare scheme after his release. He is presently trying to get back on his feet again and is definitely wiser.

Be deliberate about your children, train them in the way they should grow.Wrong association leads to wrong lifestyle