It was glaring OT never understood the part of the holy book that says “Godliness and contentment is great gain” until he bit more than he could chew and found himself in police custody.

The young man worked in a car wash where he was doing well and making a living until the tides changed.

It was on a Sunday evening when he was approached by a customer to wash his car, with the customer promising to come back a few hours later to pick up the car. After washing the car, OT decided to drive the car around town to show off to his relatives in close vicinity, in false pretense that he has “arrived”. Unfortunately, he met a police patrol while driving back, he got stopped and was accused of stealing the car. It was a bad coincidence that after several hours of waiting, with other colleagues unable to explain where he went with the car, it was declared stolen and radioed amongst close by stations.

Suddenly, the joke became reality and despite trying very hard to prove his innocence, he was unable to.
He ended up being incarcerated until he met Anchor Heritage Initiative and today is a free man.