Mr M was a calm and gentle school bus driver with good track records as verified from his last place of work.

On his way back from Iyana Isolo, he was approached by a student of an higher institution who showed his student ID card and pleaded selling his phone so he could get his final year project printed. A brand new version of the phone would sell in the market for N67,000-N72,000 but he was offered the fairly used phone for N10,000. He asked the guy to meet him in his place of work (the school) the next day and bought the phone. Good deal he told himself with smiles glittering all over his face.

His track records over the years and good reports helped him qualify for our legal aid and this also hastened his release.

Unfortunately, it was a stolen phone and it was tracked to him some weeks after but despite his explanations of where he got the phone, the stories didn’t go down well and his inability to provide the seller of the phone got him charged for the crime.